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Jess Finds Vintage was born from a love of Mid Century Modern home decor and furnishings. I slowly ran out of room for items and decided to pass these finds onto others. This site allows you to find those vintage, retro, unique pieces for your home. Please enjoy the photos and follow the links to items you may want to purchase. Feel free to email me with any questions or if you have a certain item you are looking for. I come across many cool and rare items in my journey’s.


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2 responses to “About the Shop

  1. Thanks for following my blog. I’m enjoying perusing yours right now! I, too, haunt Goodwill, area thriftshops and estate sales. Lately keeping my eye out for MCM items and while it doesn’t suit my personal decor, have picked up several things, including some Vera napkins, a great 1960s cork lamp, a fab Matisse poster from late 50s/60s very cool, some decorative funky glass and dishes. Thinking I might resell if you are interested.

    • I would love to but I have so much already! It’s why I started selling, haha. Try selling on Etsy, it’s easy and pretty cheap on the fees. Thanks for stopping in !!