*SOLD*Dorothy Thorpe Roly Poly glasses with Silver Band


8 REAL Dorothy Thorpe Roly Poly bar-ware glasses with the Silver Band pattern. These were made famous by the AMC show Mad Men. They are made by acclaimed designer Dorothy Thorpe and have the classic 1″ real silver band. They have the signature patina seen in Thorpe pieces. These are a MUST HAVE if you are a Mid Century Modern home decor fan. Perfect for your retro, vintage bar. Serve your Jameson on the rocks in these and feel like Don Draper. They are in very good shape. No chips or cracks. The silver is patina-ed. Some have a few rough edges on the silver. One is shown in the pics, the one shown is the worst of the rubbed off silver(email me if you’d like a pic of each glass). Hand wash only!! They can be polished to have the sparkling new shine but I prefer the patina, your choice!

Dimensions: 3 1/4″ x 3 1/4″



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