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Vintage Inspired T-shirts and Totes by JessFindsVintage

Vintage inspired T-shirts and Totes by JessFindsVitnage. Pyrex addicts will enjoy this Vintage Addict tshirt featuring the glorious rainbow stocked mixing bowl logo.A Feistaware pitcher, Vintage Typewriter and a set of Vintage Ball jars adorn the reusable eco friendly totes. Perfect for trips to the grocery store or Thriftshop! On Sale now! Find HERE!

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Screen Shot 2015-01-04 at 1.30.40 PM Screen Shot 2015-01-04 at 1.30.51 PM

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It’s been awhile!

WOW! It has been awhile since I have posted. I have spent the last few months settling in to a brand new city. I moved across the country to a smaller city in Pennsylvania. It has been a great adventure. I will be seeing a brand new coastline of vintage shopping. With the move my inventory is brand new! I have found a few amazing Mid Century vases, including a Redwing and McCoy! I also found a cool set of 1960’s Martini shaker glasses. They are embossed with classic Cocktail recipes. Very cool set in black and red. Finally I have some lovely women’s scarves that I saved from my previous inventory. With a brand new territory to explore I will be revamping my whole shop with brand new to you finds! Live a Vintage life by visiting  JessFindsVintage.


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Amazing Mod Aline Shift Dress with 3/4 Sleeve Jacket!

AMAZING!!! 1960s Vintage mod A line shift dress with jacket in super bright orange with square sliver buttons. The liner in the jacket is a very cool orange and blue square modern pattern. The jacket has 3/4 sleeves and accent pockets. The dress has accent buttons and HIDDEN pockets, so cute. Super amazing find! Very unique bright color. It is so bright it photographs odd. It looks more red in the pictures than in person. Picture a darker traffic cone orange. It is a thick fabric, with lined dress and jacket. Made very well, great construction. Definitely a higher end garment from the 60s.

In wonderful condition. There is some small damage to the jacket. On the back there are a few pin prick size holes( probably price tags punch holes). There are a couple on the collar, one near the center of the back and on the bottom near the hem is some larger holes( shown in pics) I can send you more in depth photos on the defects.

Dimensions: Size 8, but fits smaller, closer to a 6 on the jacket.
Jacket: shoulder width 15.5″, Length 19″ collar to hem, sleeve length 20″
Dress: Length 38.5″ collar to hem, shoulder width 14″, waist 14.5″, bottom width 26″(kinda aline shape.)



DSC_0319 DSC_0321 DSC_0327 DSC_0329



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Vintage Christmas Ornaments on the shopgoodwill.com

There are many auctions up right now for Vintage Christmas Ornaments, including Shiny Brite and an Aluminum Christmas Tree. They are on shopgoodwill.com and links are below!

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Here are the links for such goodies:

48 Vintage Christmas Ornaments.


 60 Vintage Christmas Ornaments


 80+ Vintage Christmas Ornaments


 Vintage Aluminum Christmas Tree.


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They have ARRIVED! Coming Soon to JessFindsVintage



The shipment of Vintage brass and goldtone items has arrived. Coming soon to JessFindsVintage brass siamese cats, brass unicorn, antique vanity brushes from England, and an assortment of goldtone candle stick holders. Great additions to your vintage home decor.

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NEW! Vintage Men’s Clothing at JessFindsVintage



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Do you like sewing projects? How about vintage 1960s mod coats? Check out this Forstmann trench.


Vintage 1960s Forstmann Jacket. This Ivory colored Winter coat was wonderful ribbed fabric. It is VERY heavy thick fabric. Perfect for snowy weather. A Line shape. It is a project piece! Some one not very nice stole te fur of this baby. I rescued her from being put down, heh She needs some loving hands to replace her collar and she will be PERFECT! There are a couple snags on the front right side, shown in pics. Very small. I would love to see how this one turns out!

All measurements are clothing laying flat, measure likewise to a garment of yours or double the measurements for circumferences.

Dimensions: Feels like a petite small to medium
shoulder to hem 38″,bust 22″, waist 22″, bottom width 29.5″, sleeve length 20″

shipping is high for clothing because of its size and weight.


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JessFindsVintage Clothing. More to come…



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1960s or 1970’s Vintage Tablecloth or Material.



Vintage Tablecloth from the 60s or 70s. This rectangle tablecloth could also be used as material for projects. It has vibrant colors and is floral. Bright orange, blue green and yellow. Seems to be a synthetic like polyester.

Dimensions: 84″ long 44″ wide. the ends have seams.

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*SOLD*Dorothy Thorpe Roly Poly glasses with Silver Band


8 REAL Dorothy Thorpe Roly Poly bar-ware glasses with the Silver Band pattern. These were made famous by the AMC show Mad Men. They are made by acclaimed designer Dorothy Thorpe and have the classic 1″ real silver band. They have the signature patina seen in Thorpe pieces. These are a MUST HAVE if you are a Mid Century Modern home decor fan. Perfect for your retro, vintage bar. Serve your Jameson on the rocks in these and feel like Don Draper. They are in very good shape. No chips or cracks. The silver is patina-ed. Some have a few rough edges on the silver. One is shown in the pics, the one shown is the worst of the rubbed off silver(email me if you’d like a pic of each glass). Hand wash only!! They can be polished to have the sparkling new shine but I prefer the patina, your choice!

Dimensions: 3 1/4″ x 3 1/4″


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