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Vintage Inspired T-shirts and Totes by JessFindsVintage

Vintage inspired T-shirts and Totes by JessFindsVitnage. Pyrex addicts will enjoy this Vintage Addict tshirt featuring the glorious rainbow stocked mixing bowl logo.A Feistaware pitcher, Vintage Typewriter and a set of Vintage Ball jars adorn the reusable eco friendly totes. Perfect for trips to the grocery store or Thriftshop! On Sale now! Find HERE!

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It’s been awhile!

WOW! It has been awhile since I have posted. I have spent the last few months settling in to a brand new city. I moved across the country to a smaller city in Pennsylvania. It has been a great adventure. I will be seeing a brand new coastline of vintage shopping. With the move my inventory is brand new! I have found a few amazing Mid Century vases, including a Redwing and McCoy! I also found a cool set of 1960’s Martini shaker glasses. They are embossed with classic Cocktail recipes. Very cool set in black and red. Finally I have some lovely women’s scarves that I saved from my previous inventory. With a brand new territory to explore I will be revamping my whole shop with brand new to you finds! Live a Vintage life by visiting¬†¬†JessFindsVintage.


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Antique Patchwork Quilt~60+ years old.


Antique Patchwork Quilt in a Flower pattern with squares. The flowers sort of look like daisies. VERY old. I think it may be from the 40s or 50s. In wonderful condition for its age. It does have some stains, a few on the front and some on the back by the hem. I have not washed it because I have not taken care of an older quilt like this. I will leave that for the buyer to decide. There are some broken stitches on the flowers. Can be fixed with some hand stitches. One flower with such damage is shown in pics. Super pretty piece. Would make a wonderful bedspread or could be used as a wall handing because the pattern is so pretty.

Dimensions: 63″ wide, 77″ long.


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Did you know?

I take requests for items. You haven’t found a particular item? Give me a request and I’ll do my best to find it! I search for an eclectic mix of items. Email me your need, a pic or description of a particular style you want and I will add it to my list of To Dos. I frequent many different vintage suppliers and I will let you know if I believe I can help!

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TWO Antique Glass Bottles decanters made by Owens Illinois Glass Company 1940s genie bottle shape with metal lids swirl vases bottle decanter


TWO Glass Decanter bottles made by Owens Illinois Glass Company from the 1940s with metal screw on lids. They have a wonderful swirl pattern and would look amazing as decanters, storage bottles or vases. They are marked with the Owens Illinois marks, a diamond with a circle and I in the center. This dated them to be in the 40’s or earlier, Owens dropped the diamond in the 50’s. They also have the number 25(which is code for the 25th factory which was in Indiana and 4, which stands for 1944). Below the diamond one has a 5 imprint, the other 10. From doing research no one knows what these numbers mean. info from here: http://www.sha.org/research/owens-Illinois_article.cfm

I believe it was a container for some kind of kitchen supply, vinegar or oil, maybe even wine or alcohol. Very cool piece and in perfect condition, no chips or cracks. The lids are a little rusty though, may want to replace, clean or not use them if storing liquid in them. Gorgeous for a shabby chic French spa look in your bathroom. Use them to store bubble bath or bath salts. Use as a vase with a single bloom. Very Pretty!

Dimensions:9″ tall with lid. 5″ wide at base

BUY HERE: https://www.etsy.com/listing/118460064/two-antique-glass-bottles-decanters-made?

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Vintage Glass Apothecary Storage Jars, Bottles; Kitchen or Bathroom glass storage bottles.


*SOLD* THREE large antique glass apothecary storage jars, bottles. These are from the 1940’s. One is slightly taller than the other two, All are British made. Two are marked British Made S x237 and the taller one is marked U758 British S Made 2. These are in wonderful condition. No cracks or chips in the jars, two lids have chips on the inner lip( they don’t show when placed in jar and are not sharp to the touch.) Perfect for you vintage, shabby chic restoration hardware look. Use for the kitchen, bathroom or decor. They would look awesome with toiletries, bath salts, soap or decorative shells.

Dimensions: The taller one is 8-1/2″ tall no lid, 10.5″ with lid, 4″ diameter base.
The shorter two are 8″ tall no lid, 10″ with lid, 4″ diameter.


SOLD**TWO antique Apothecary jars, bottles from the early 1900’s. Used in pharmacy’s for storage of medicines or cotton swabs. They would amazing full of toiletries for a shabby chic bathroom decor or filled with lavender bath salts for a French spa.They are both marked WTCo USA on the bottom. No chips or cracks in bottle or glass stoppers. Very cool and pretty as a vase or used for storage. Amazing condition for their age.

Dimensions: 10″ tall and the opening is 2″ wide.


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