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Before and After ; Mid Century Modern Ceramic drip glaze lamp with wood neck.

Inspiration piece


JessFindsVintage purchase Before


JessFindsVintage purchase After


This Vintage lamp has a gorgeous blue drip glaze that went perfectly with the customers other table lamp. The height of this lamp was to tall for their bedside table so they reworked it. By removing the top half of the neck and the base they were able to make it flow with their other Vintage lamp. They plan to use the other pieces for their next project! This project shows upcycling vintage for personalization of the old into a new modern yet retro piece.

SOLD $99.99 ~02/8/2013~

Very tall Mid Century drip glaze lamp with wood neck. A fabulous example of Mid Century artwork meets function. Gorgeous blues and greens adorn this very tall lamp. Standing at 3 feet tall without shade, it is a statement maker. Perfect for your mid century, retro, vintage living room or office. Bring Mad Men to you. Recently rewired it works perfectly. There is some wear on the wood base and neck and one crack, nothing terrible, shown in pictures. No felt on the bottom due to rewiring. I really hate to let this one go but I am running out of room. My loss is your fabulous gain!

Dimensions: 3’x6″ tall,not including harp and 9″ at its widest.
This listing does not include the shade pictured.


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Did you know?

I take requests for items. You haven’t found a particular item? Give me a request and I’ll do my best to find it! I search for an eclectic mix of items. Email me your need, a pic or description of a particular style you want and I will add it to my list of To Dos. I frequent many different vintage suppliers and I will let you know if I believe I can help!

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*SOLD* Dorothy Thorpe Cordial glasses and Thorpe Style Decanter


Four Dorothy Thorpe cordial glass with a Thorpe style decanter. The glass are adorable. Perfect for that sip of liquor or sherry wine. Use for tiny dessert glasses or just display with your other Thorpe collection. They are in PERFECT condition. They have the signature patina that comes with Thorpe pieces.

The decanter looks like Thorpe with a silver band neck but the decanter is NOT Thorpe. The bottle itself is a very pleasing round shape with an out cropped rim/lip. It does not have a stopper. It could be used as a decanter or maybe even a vase! Add it to your table setting of Roly Poly glass to tie your functional pieces with your display pieces. The silver band has patina and some wear marks, shown in pics.

Dimensions: The glasses are 3- 1/2″tall, 1- 3/8″ diameter
The decanter-bottle- 8″ tall and 5″ wide at its widest. The opening is 2″.


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