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There’s a Chill in the Air.



Vintage Outerwear at JessFindsVintage.

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JessFindsVintage featured in Etsy Treasury!

JessFindsVintage featured in this handsome treasury for Father’s Day. Check out all the cool men’s ware JEssFindsVintage has in.


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YAY! I found a lid for my Avocado Green Club Cookware Stock pot.



I found the missing lid for this amazing stock pot by Club Cookware. Very cool aluminum dutch oven pot straight out of e 70’s! Check it out at my Etsy shop.

Vintage Club Cookware Avocado Green Stock pot, Dutch oven. This large aluminum pan is perfect for your retro kitchen. It has amazing color fade on it. It seems to go from dark to lighter green. It is in fantastic shape. The outside is very clean, very little color wear or chipping. The inside is slightly discolored but no where near as bad as I’ve seen. Amazing pan.

I FOUND A LID!!!!! It matches perfectly, same color fade, in perfect condition, black lined interior.

Dimensions:10″ wide 4″ tall 4 quarts.

Keywords: atomic kitchen retro vintage avocado green 70s 60s dutch oven stock pot pasta pot aluminum club cookware metal cooking pan

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Going going GONE!



These Vera sheets set went fast! Get your Vera Tulips tablecloth and napkins set fast before it disappears!


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Amazing and RARE Vintage Vera Neumann Linens!!


AMAZING Vintage Vera Neumann Tablecloth AND Napkins. This beautiful and RARE set has lovely Tulips design. Very bright yellow springtime flowers in cotton fabric. This set is Authentic and signed by Vera. The tablecloth is an oblong oval shape. The napkins are square. VERY VERY pretty! Wonderful condition, no fabric wear or tears. NO fading! There are some stains, very small. Mostly they look like discoloration of the white in some areas, blends into the bright yellow flowers well.. One stain shown on a napkins. Personally I couldn’t see many terribly obvious discolorations without really looking, just wanted full disclosure. Would make a sunny kitchen complete!

dimensions: 5’x6’8″ oblong oval. napkins:15.5″x15.5″
materials: thick cotton fabric.



TWO Vera Neumann TWIN size sheet sets. Very pretty orange flower,brown leaf design, maybe poppies? Each set includes a flat sheet, fitted sheet and standard pillowcase. Very rare to get a full set let along TWO! Perfect for your guest room or kids rooms.

In wonderful condition, barely any fading, no stains or rips. One fitted sheet has a small 1″ seam split in the corner, easy fix and the elastic on the corners is loos on the ends. Both easy fixes and don’t detract or hider the use. BEAUTIFUL 60’s Vera design.

dimensions: flat sheet-70″long 93.5″wide, pillowcase: 32″ long, 20.5″ wide, fitted: 74″long40″wide(it was hard to measure the fitted so its an approximate measurement.)
Materials: cotton, the flower design is only on the top part of the fitted sheet bottom is white., solid print on fitted.

Find them HERE!!




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Before and After ; Mid Century Modern Ceramic drip glaze lamp with wood neck.

Inspiration piece


JessFindsVintage purchase Before


JessFindsVintage purchase After


This Vintage lamp has a gorgeous blue drip glaze that went perfectly with the customers other table lamp. The height of this lamp was to tall for their bedside table so they reworked it. By removing the top half of the neck and the base they were able to make it flow with their other Vintage lamp. They plan to use the other pieces for their next project! This project shows upcycling vintage for personalization of the old into a new modern yet retro piece.

SOLD $99.99 ~02/8/2013~

Very tall Mid Century drip glaze lamp with wood neck. A fabulous example of Mid Century artwork meets function. Gorgeous blues and greens adorn this very tall lamp. Standing at 3 feet tall without shade, it is a statement maker. Perfect for your mid century, retro, vintage living room or office. Bring Mad Men to you. Recently rewired it works perfectly. There is some wear on the wood base and neck and one crack, nothing terrible, shown in pictures. No felt on the bottom due to rewiring. I really hate to let this one go but I am running out of room. My loss is your fabulous gain!

Dimensions: 3’x6″ tall,not including harp and 9″ at its widest.
This listing does not include the shade pictured.


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1960s or 1970’s Vintage Tablecloth or Material.



Vintage Tablecloth from the 60s or 70s. This rectangle tablecloth could also be used as material for projects. It has vibrant colors and is floral. Bright orange, blue green and yellow. Seems to be a synthetic like polyester.

Dimensions: 84″ long 44″ wide. the ends have seams.

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TWO Gorgeous 1960’s Mid Century Modern chairs from Gunlocke Furniture Company. Made in New York


TWO Gorgeous 1960’s Mid Century Modern chairs from Gunlocke Furniture Company. These chairs are in their original faux leather/ vinyl. They are a beautiful soft avocado green and have amazing angular dark walnut frames. They are in amazing vintage condition. There may be a few scuffs here and there on the wood. One chair back has a small hole in the vinyl; the other chair back has a rubbed back edge. The same one has a few spots on the seat, not sure if they can come off or not. There’s NOTHING terrible or detracting from these amazing chairs. The modern angles of these two make a room. They are definitely eye-catchers for their clean, sharp angles and their amazing original condition. They have their original tags and company metal plates. Super solid frames, very heavy walnut wood.

Dimension: 21” X 20” seat, 19” seat to ground, 30” Total height

For more IMAGES———>>>>>> http://imgur.com/a/gkPSA#0



Keyowrds: mid century modern gunlocke chair office chair desk chair side chair vintage retro angular angles walnut wood teak danish modern denmark 60s 70s 1960s 1970s eames mad men living room office

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