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Vintage Christmas Ornaments on the shopgoodwill.com

There are many auctions up right now for Vintage Christmas Ornaments, including Shiny Brite and an Aluminum Christmas Tree. They are on shopgoodwill.com and links are below!

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Here are the links for such goodies:

48 Vintage Christmas Ornaments.


 60 Vintage Christmas Ornaments


 80+ Vintage Christmas Ornaments


 Vintage Aluminum Christmas Tree.


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Vintage Christmas Ornaments

Here are few of my favorite Vintage Christmas Ornaments. Several are Vintage and some are handmade by me with vintage materials. I attached vintage crocheted material to vintage satin ball ornaments to make some interesting pieces. I used pearl bead pins and onyx pearl beads to make them a little fancy. I love the combo of pastel colors. Just a few little shiny pieces for my tree. I like to mix old with new to get a fresh look.






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Christmas photos of Dudley and Pippin

I was able to get my tree up after several small hiccups. First I had renovations going on in my house so it wasn’t an opportune time to unbox everything. Then once I was able to unbox everything the lights I had bought last year didn’t work. So off to the crowded stores I went. I was able to get some mini string lights and get my tree decorated. I decided once that was done I wanted to get some holiday photos of my dogs. This is what transpired.





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Red, White and Silver Christmas


Red, White and Silver Christmas for your festive vintage holiday party.

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I’ll Have a Vintage Christmas.



Vintage Christmas collection on Etsy.

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Holiday Sale at JessFindsVintage

Holiday Sale at JessFindsVintage

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December 6, 2013 · 12:34 pm

JessFindsVintage featured in Etsy Treasury!

JessFindsVintage featured in this handsome treasury for Father’s Day. Check out all the cool men’s ware JEssFindsVintage has in.


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