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A Rare Vintage Bijan brass tree w/ porcelain birds 3D wall sculpture.

The sculpture is signed on the trunk with Bijan 1980. The sculpture is missing two birds, the ones in flight, you can only notice they are gone if you have seen another of these sculptures or look for the spots they were located. One bird is loose and can be repaired with a little super glue. There is some oxidation on the bottom limbs. Could be cleaned I believe but I am leaving as is for the buyer to decide.

This sculpture is 36″ x 15″ x 5″.

Multi dimensional, in three sections with moveable joints. It can be positioned flat or raised off the wall.

This is a beautiful sculpture and a wonder example of the famous modernist artist Bijan.


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Vintage Raku metallic glaze ceramic table lamp.

This is a very heavy, hand thrown and Raku glazed table lamp from unknown artist. There are no markings to date this lamp. A very beautiful copper,bronze metallic glaze gives this lamp an iridescent sheen. Very beautiful and a great conversation piece once you know the history and steps of making Raku. This would fit into many different living styles with a simple change of lamp shade.The process of Raku is a Japanese method of creating artwork. It has been westernized with the different technologies now available but the process is still labor intensive. Every step to make a Raku piece is timed precisely and accurately. This piece was definitely done well as there are no cracks in the glaze or in the actual structure of the piece.

Lamp itself is 1.6″ tall and 9″ at its widest.Shade NOT included.


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