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YAY! I found a lid for my Avocado Green Club Cookware Stock pot.



I found the missing lid for this amazing stock pot by Club Cookware. Very cool aluminum dutch oven pot straight out of e 70’s! Check it out at my Etsy shop.

Vintage Club Cookware Avocado Green Stock pot, Dutch oven. This large aluminum pan is perfect for your retro kitchen. It has amazing color fade on it. It seems to go from dark to lighter green. It is in fantastic shape. The outside is very clean, very little color wear or chipping. The inside is slightly discolored but no where near as bad as I’ve seen. Amazing pan.

I FOUND A LID!!!!! It matches perfectly, same color fade, in perfect condition, black lined interior.

Dimensions:10″ wide 4″ tall 4 quarts.

Keywords: atomic kitchen retro vintage avocado green 70s 60s dutch oven stock pot pasta pot aluminum club cookware metal cooking pan


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Shabby Chic Off White ceramic table lamp

This is a vintage cottage chic table lamp with a base switch. The pot shape with double rim is unique and adorable. The creme or off white color could blend in many different styles with a change of lamp shade. Not your average lamp with its unique brass switch located near the base it would make a great addition to your cottage living room or bedroom.

Lamp itself 1.6″ tall and 10″ wide.Shade NOT included.


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