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JessFindsVintage Behind the Scenes!!

JessFindsVintage is run out of my guest closet. It started as a desire to decorate my new home is vintage home decor. As I began collecting I found out I had an eye for the unique vintage items. I also had a slight addiction to buying all those unique items. So I decided I would share the wealth. Here’s a look at my “store front” for the time being.



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Dorothy Thorpe flared salad bowl with silver band


Dorothy Thorpe vintage glass flared salad bowl with thick silver rimmed edge. It is heavy glass serving bowl. Perfect for salads, chips or fruit. The glass is in perfect condition, no chips or cracks. The silver has patina and could be polished it the buyer likes. I prefer the vintage look. There is one edge that looks like the silver has been rubbed or scratched off. shown in pics. It is still a gorgeous bowl.

Dimensions: 10″ wide by 5″ tall


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