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It’s been awhile!

WOW! It has been awhile since I have posted. I have spent the last few months settling in to a brand new city. I moved across the country to a smaller city in Pennsylvania. It has been a great adventure. I will be seeing a brand new coastline of vintage shopping. With the move my inventory is brand new! I have found a few amazing Mid Century vases, including a Redwing and McCoy! I also found a cool set of 1960’s Martini shaker glasses. They are embossed with classic Cocktail recipes. Very cool set in black and red. Finally I have some lovely women’s scarves that I saved from my previous inventory. With a brand new territory to explore I will be revamping my whole shop with brand new to you finds! Live a Vintage life by visiting¬†¬†JessFindsVintage.


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JessFindsVintage is having a STOREWIDE CLEARANCE. 20% OFF all your vintage needs.





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Soon it will be Spring.

Time to get out of those drab fall and winter colors. Let spring come early and get one of these amazingly colorful items available at JessFindsVintage.¬† There are some amazing neon Levis, Super retro 80’s sweaters, splatter paint shirts and scarves. How about you add some super sunny yellow spices jars or bright kitschy cow bank. Kitchen aprons, storage baskets and buttons collections! So many fun items to choose from. Use the code LOVELOVE until Feb 28th for 15% Off.


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Check out this Colorful Collection featuring JessFindsVintage


Sunny Summer Yellow Treasury featuring JessFindsVintage

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Vintage Household Products.

Here are some cool vintage finds! Two boxes of cleaning products, unopened, a vintage medicine bottle and a very cool peanut butter jar.

Here is a box of a dish soap called LUX. This box is from the 30’s!! How amazing is it that it survived 80+ years, unopened and unused?!? I can’t even imagine how it did. I guess maybe underneath grandma’s kitchen sink?


This vintage cleaner is a soapbox of SUPER FOAM with Miracle suds! I believe this is from the 1930’s also due to the similar font and similar condition, unopened and unused. I can’t find any others like this one though. Truly amazing they both survived.


This bottle of Dr. Ward’s Celebrated Liniment was made from 1867-1870 and was hailed a remedy for various ailments. Beside containing lead based soap, it contained linseed oil, alcohol, sassafras oil, extract of red pepper and colored water. Sounds like snake oil from a medicine man if you ask me! No Thank You Dr. Ward! I love the old timey label with cool 19th century fonts though.


The last item is a vintage Johnston’s Peanut Butter jar, sorta bottle. I can’t find any others like it either. Very cool early to mid century labeling. I love the shape of this bottle.


I found all of these items on It is a fun auction site for goodwill enthusiasts. Unfortunately they charge crazy shipping on most items. I have found myself only bidding on items I absolutely must have or lots where I get more for my money. These auctions have ended but keep an eye out because they often have fun and unique auctions. Check it out and check back here to see more fun and interesting vintage finds.


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Cobalt Blue medicine bottles for auction, ending SOON!


I found this very cool set of Cobalt Blue medicine bottles available on the Goodwill Auction site. Get them before they are gone! I would buy them but alas I have too many knicks knacks as it is.

Buy here!

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It’s time for JessFindsVintage to clear out some inventory. Select item have been marked down. Use the code NEWYEARS and receive an additional 15% OFF your entire purchase. Buy one accessory and receive FREE SHIPPING on all additional accessory purchases.

Find all these SALE items and other Lovely items here at JessFindsVintage.



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JessFindsVintage New and Improved Clothing Listings photos.

After re-shooting many of the home decor and houseware listings I decided the next step was to get my clothing modeled and photographed. My sister’s decided to help me out and I think we got some pretty good shots. What do you think?


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JessFindsVintage gets a Fresh NEW Look!

I had been toying with the layouts of my shops item photos for awhile now. Daylight being the best lighting but not have the exact setup outside to photograph made me struggle with getting the best photos for my listings. I recently purchased a studio light box/tent, lights and borrowed a professional camera. With some failed attempts I was able to get some pretty professional looking listing photographs. Here are a few examples of before and after. I will eventually get all my listings changed over.


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Amazing Mod Aline Shift Dress with 3/4 Sleeve Jacket!

AMAZING!!! 1960s Vintage mod A line shift dress with jacket in super bright orange with square sliver buttons. The liner in the jacket is a very cool orange and blue square modern pattern. The jacket has 3/4 sleeves and accent pockets. The dress has accent buttons and HIDDEN pockets, so cute. Super amazing find! Very unique bright color. It is so bright it photographs odd. It looks more red in the pictures than in person. Picture a darker traffic cone orange. It is a thick fabric, with lined dress and jacket. Made very well, great construction. Definitely a higher end garment from the 60s.

In wonderful condition. There is some small damage to the jacket. On the back there are a few pin prick size holes( probably price tags punch holes). There are a couple on the collar, one near the center of the back and on the bottom near the hem is some larger holes( shown in pics) I can send you more in depth photos on the defects.

Dimensions: Size 8, but fits smaller, closer to a 6 on the jacket.
Jacket: shoulder width 15.5″, Length 19″ collar to hem, sleeve length 20″
Dress: Length 38.5″ collar to hem, shoulder width 14″, waist 14.5″, bottom width 26″(kinda aline shape.)



DSC_0319 DSC_0321 DSC_0327 DSC_0329



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