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Soon it will be Spring.

Time to get out of those drab fall and winter colors. Let spring come early and get one of these amazingly colorful items available at JessFindsVintage.  There are some amazing neon Levis, Super retro 80’s sweaters, splatter paint shirts and scarves. How about you add some super sunny yellow spices jars or bright kitschy cow bank. Kitchen aprons, storage baskets and buttons collections! So many fun items to choose from. Use the code LOVELOVE until Feb 28th for 15% Off.


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New Shop Banner. I love the Fall botanical print of this vintage textile.

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JessFindsVintage feature in I (heart) Modern Treasury by Jill.


SIX These Vintage Salad Plates stoneware/ ceramic have Bright orange, yellow, brown and tan circles. They are a very cool Modern 60s or 70s pattern. They were hand painted in Japan. There are two patterns. One is the ORange and Yellow circles, the other is Brown and yellow with brown flecks. The both say Hearthside Buffet ware Japan. One has 654 No and the other 655 No, which are the pattern numbers. Very cool plates. They have normal vintage wear. Some scratches in the paint. One plate is shown with the color rubbing mark.

Dimensions: 8″ wide.

Keywords: retro vintage mid century plates plate salad dessert 60s 70s 1960s 1970s orange yellow brown tan circle patter bull’s eye bright mod plates



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Vintage Vera Tulip tablecloth and napkins featured in TWO treasuries!



AMAZING Vintage Vera Neumann Tablecloth AND 4 Napkins. This beatful and RARE set has lovely Tulips design. Very bright yellow springtime flowers in cotton fabric. This set is Authentic and signed by Vera. The tablecloth is an oblong oval shape. The napkins are square. VERY VERY pretty! Wonderful condition, no fabric wear or tears. NO fading! There are some stains, very small. Mostly they look like discoloration of the white in some areas, blends into the bright yellow flowers well.. One stain shown on a napkins. Personally I couldn’t see many terribly obvious discolorations without really looking, just wanted full disclosure. Would make a sunny kitchen complete!

dimensions: 5’x6’8″ oblong oval. napkins:15.5″x15.5″
materials: thick cotton fabric.

Featured HERE and HERE!!


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YAY! I found a lid for my Avocado Green Club Cookware Stock pot.



I found the missing lid for this amazing stock pot by Club Cookware. Very cool aluminum dutch oven pot straight out of e 70’s! Check it out at my Etsy shop.

Vintage Club Cookware Avocado Green Stock pot, Dutch oven. This large aluminum pan is perfect for your retro kitchen. It has amazing color fade on it. It seems to go from dark to lighter green. It is in fantastic shape. The outside is very clean, very little color wear or chipping. The inside is slightly discolored but no where near as bad as I’ve seen. Amazing pan.

I FOUND A LID!!!!! It matches perfectly, same color fade, in perfect condition, black lined interior.

Dimensions:10″ wide 4″ tall 4 quarts.

Keywords: atomic kitchen retro vintage avocado green 70s 60s dutch oven stock pot pasta pot aluminum club cookware metal cooking pan

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JessFindsVintage Behind the Scenes!!

JessFindsVintage is run out of my guest closet. It started as a desire to decorate my new home is vintage home decor. As I began collecting I found out I had an eye for the unique vintage items. I also had a slight addiction to buying all those unique items. So I decided I would share the wealth. Here’s a look at my “store front” for the time being.


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Vintage Glass Apothecary Storage Jars, Bottles; Kitchen or Bathroom glass storage bottles.


*SOLD* THREE large antique glass apothecary storage jars, bottles. These are from the 1940’s. One is slightly taller than the other two, All are British made. Two are marked British Made S x237 and the taller one is marked U758 British S Made 2. These are in wonderful condition. No cracks or chips in the jars, two lids have chips on the inner lip( they don’t show when placed in jar and are not sharp to the touch.) Perfect for you vintage, shabby chic restoration hardware look. Use for the kitchen, bathroom or decor. They would look awesome with toiletries, bath salts, soap or decorative shells.

Dimensions: The taller one is 8-1/2″ tall no lid, 10.5″ with lid, 4″ diameter base.
The shorter two are 8″ tall no lid, 10″ with lid, 4″ diameter.


SOLD**TWO antique Apothecary jars, bottles from the early 1900’s. Used in pharmacy’s for storage of medicines or cotton swabs. They would amazing full of toiletries for a shabby chic bathroom decor or filled with lavender bath salts for a French spa.They are both marked WTCo USA on the bottom. No chips or cracks in bottle or glass stoppers. Very cool and pretty as a vase or used for storage. Amazing condition for their age.

Dimensions: 10″ tall and the opening is 2″ wide.


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